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Croquet Innovation Books

Arlene Parker | Published on 12/24/2021

Croquet Innovation Books & You Tube Channel

The knowledge, passion and generosity of the croquet community is amazing to me! I subscribe to 'Croquet Network'. This website has the latest news from croquet around the world including "Morning Coffee - World Croquet Newsletter".  A recent newsletter included the following message from three world renowned croquet players and authors. They are Howard Hosin, Paddy Chapman and Ben Rothman. This year, I shared a new very approachable training website by Paddy Chapman that I frequently refer to. 

Below is a message that was posted on Croquet Network from these three gentlemen. They have written/collaborated on three books that they have decided to distribute to the world free of charge. BICC has uploaded the books into our Document Library for future reference. You can also download them using the links below the authors message. The authors have also created a Croquet Innovations You Tube channel. 

To our Friends and Members of the CA:

Paddy Chapman, Ben Rothman and I are pleased to announce the completion of three books that may be of interest to you: Variations on Golf CroquetNew Roles for Peeling in Croquet, and Color Order Association Croquet. They provide alternative ways of thinking about our traditional games and develop new games, each with a full set of rules that are explained with myriad diagrams and discussed in hours of narrated videos as they are being played by world class players you will recognize. We hope these books test and tease your mental and physical skills and expand the horizons of Croquet. We considered traditional ways of publishing but decided to provide the books free of charge.

Feel free to copy, print or otherwise use the books and to distribute them to friends as we intentionally did not acquired ISBNs and did not seek copyright protection.

The videos can be viewed on the YouTube Channel, Croquet Innovations.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Happy Holidays, Sincerely

Paddy Chapman - Ben Rothman - Howard Sosin 

Happy Reading!