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Tribute to Patricia Cantrick

Arlene Parker | Published on 5/27/2020

Hello Everyone - BICC received the sad news from John Erb that his Aunt, Pat Cantrick passed away. Patricia was 94 years old. Pat was the spouse of George Cantrick who was one of the founding members of the Club. The first location of BICC was at the Cantrick Farm referred to as ‘Foamy Acres’ on  Mill Road until the present location was established.


The Cantrick Family has had a rich history in Bayfield and the area.


Pat starting coming to Bayfield when she was two years old. She supported Pioneer Park Association well into her senior years. Pat was a 20 year Bayfield Library Volunteer. Gayle Waters remembers “Pat Cantrick was one of the first ( and best) people that I met when coming to BAYFIELD in October 1981. She was a library volunteer and I came into the library with three little boys to get library cards. In chatting we learned that each of us had four sons and that it was a world of dirty sneakers, fights and quick forgiveness, and lots of noise and fun! An immediate bond! Later I discovered that Pat was a totally committed library volunteer, in Bayfield and in the winter in Florida. She was a lovely, warm and kind woman.”


Don Cook let us know that Patricia played a prevalent role in BICC goings-on over the years. She supported BICC long after George’s passing. She attended BICC AGM’s with her son Kip who continues to be a member of BICC. Don related that Pat was a wonderful neighbour and will be remembered fondly by he and Patti.


George Cantrick was awarded the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority’s Conservationist of the Year Award (posthumously).


Patricia was an active member of Trinity Anglican church. She volunteered once a week at the arena when they were serving the noon hour special lunches .


Jill Carradine shared that “For me, the Pat I will always remember was the person who had the most warm and sparkling smile .  Her love of Bayfield began when she and her sister spent summers with “ The Aunties”, whom I believe were teachers. She talked about them often and about when they were all playing baseball together, in the good old days.  


Pat was  a great supporter of almost everything in Bayfield. She was so proud of “ her men “, as she called them and she adored them. We have so many happy memories of drinks, fun, laughter and fabulous  food at her cottage , and she will be greatly missed by all who love Bayfield. She contributed greatly to all those things that make Bayfield special.”


BICC expresses condolences to the Cantrick family. Clearly Patricia embodied the character that draws us all to Bayfield.